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16 Southam Road Greystone Park, Harare

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AWARE is the only veterinary conservation trust in Zimbabwe run by veterinarians, focusing on the welfare of wildlife and conservation of wildlife habitats.

Our mission is to pro-actively further the conservation and welfare of wildlife and wildlife habitats, with particular reference to conservation veterinary medicine, and to raise AWAREness of veterinary and ecological threats to wildlife species and habitats.

What we do
The Trust provides expert veterinary treatment and rehabilitation to sick or injured ownerless wild animals on a pro bono basis

Prophylactic campaigns

The Trust performs free sterilisation, vaccination, and basic health care for domesticated animals living in poverty-stricken marginal areas at interfaces with wildlife conservation areas.


The Trust provides facilities and funding for worthy veterinary and ecological research projects, the outcomes of which will provide important data on the status of a species or habitat in a wildlife area


The Trust provides animal welfare AWAREness, through animal health and welfare education campaigns for rural people.

Capacity building

We firmly believe that the way forward for conservation on a national scale is to have competent, salaried local capacity able to deal with a broad range of wildlife situations.