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Many anti-poaching awareness pictures are graphic, tragic and bloody, showing butchered animals that make us shrink inside at the horrific cruelty inflicted.

For me, as I am about to embark on this epic journey around my beloved Zimbabwe, I reflect on what it is I wish to make people aware of.
This picture does it for me. I took it myself last week using a not-very-smart phone and an even less smart photographer (me). This magnificent elephant bull at the islands edge, the beautiful pinks and mauves of the setting sun, the full moon rising over the Zambezi River and my heart sighed and said : "Yes".
This is it. This is what I want to help to protect. This is the picture I want my children to be able to take in the wild when they are 40 something, and your children too. This is why I will leave my life, my home, my work and those 3 beautiful children behind for 7 weeks in an effort to raise awareness about our wilderness, our heritage and our duty.

I am not a rich person, financially, but there is a richness in my love for my beautiful country, her people and her animals. There is a richness in the respect I hold for the people and organizations who work tirelessly against anti-poaching, animal trafficking and wildlife preservation and there is a richness in the flame deep down inside me that will not be put out, that continually tells me that I CAN do something about it. Yet what? What can I do? I can ride a bicycle. Whether I can ride it 3600km remains to be seen but ride it I will. I am riding with two men who are much stronger than me (much as I hate to admit it) and I am terrified of letting them down yet as scary as this is my greater fear is that I will complete this journey without achieving my goal - to create awareness and funds for anti-poaching units in Zimbabwe.

It all becomes a little hollow, this great adventure, if I am not able to create something of this passion in you, my fellow human beings. Please help me dear people of the world. Please sponsor this cause. Every single dollar counts beyond your imagining of it. Please don't let us do this alone, don't let me do it for nothing - let me do it for you. Your buy-in to our cause can be $1 but for $1 you will purchase my unswerving loyalty, my unfailing legs and my single minded determination to finish this ride. But please buy it. Buy a raffle ticket, donate some money or a fuel coupon or a pair of boots for a dedicated scout. Share this with your children - my own children think I am quite mad, I don't mind if yours think so too - tell them why we are doing this crazy thing because awareness for the future starts with them.

This is my plea. Help me face my fears. All of them. Alone I am just a woman on a journey, a tiny spark in the darkness. With your help we can become a light as bright as the sun and as life-giving. This then is my story. It is a proudly Zimbabwean story and I invite you all to join me - it is going to be an incredible ride.


Tonya Meikle
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Kevin Higgins
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